This is Got Your Back Editing.

The idea is simple. You rock the content, and I’ll cover you on the details.

Think of me as your image assistant, giving you that last once-over before you step on stage. After you’ve spent months crafting your monumental work, I’m the person who remembers to pluck off the lint and check your fly, so nothing stops your audience from hearing you.

I’m offering you:

  • A sharp eye for the slip-ups that distract readers.
  • A big heart for the decidedly non-standard writing styles that tend to roll out of high-flying entrepreneurs.
  • A great repertoire of words and phrases that will connect with your tribe.
  • A deep love for the world-changing work you’ve chosen.
  • A river of encouragement, flowing your way.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. […] up editing the first version of Live Off Your Passion for free and knocked it out of the park. Cherilyn now does all of my editing […]

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