It’s like your favorite underwear

I adore the fresh, diverse world that blogging has ushered in. Stuffy rules are off the table, fascinating new voices are being heard, and anyone who wants a seat can pretty much have one. Having seen the traditional world of publishing, I have to say that I’m completely giddy to see this many people seizing the possibility that they are writers, too!

It’s a place of imagination and forgiveness. Most readers don’t care about typos and writing errors here because they’re loving your frequent updates. And the content is free.

Publishing an e-book is a whole different game. Suddenly you’re an expert, and people are paying more than they would for a traditional book. That means their expectations are higher, too.

Delivering on those expectations can set you up for excellent earnings through word-of-mouth advertising and a solid reputation. Apart from your rock-solid content, what’s going to set you apart in this world of instant experts and flash publishing?

What often matters are the things your readers can’t see. Just like undies.

Ever notice how much better you feel when you’re wearing your favorite underwear? It fits perfectly, the fabric is comfortable, and for women, lingerie is beautiful to boot. You forget you have it on because you’re not fussing with an itchy tag or pinched skin.

A good book disappears, too. You can get so drawn into the story or ideas that you fail to see the pages. You’re right there with the characters, seeing, hearing and feeling it all. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, talked about how hard the Kindle design team worked to make sure their device did the same thing. They wanted nothing — not a page turn or an overheated unit — to distract users from the experience.

Good editing is part of a successful book package. Awkward language gets smoothed out. Commas amplify meaning. Typos are gone. These little problems that can trip up a reader and distract them from your great message are history.

Editing’s gift to you: Clarity. Credibility. Confidence.

With a well-edited manuscript, you’ll look fantastic and you’ll be free from worrying over literary panty lines. The text flows from your mind to receptive readers. Everything’s in place.

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