You don’t get to be 40 without a colorful history. Mine includes years as a nice girl, being branded a heretic, moving from flatland Illinois to majestic Montana, and birthing three nutty boys. I’m known for my sassy wit, bike love, and great soup.

Oh, my editing experience.

I was always a language girl. Started reading at two and ended up with glasses in second grade from reading too many Nancy Drew novels under the covers. Pretty much got A’s on my writing in school, with some awards along the way.

My degree in English and journalism was from a college you’ve probably never heard of, and I went on to work for a weekly newspaper, which taught me a lot about deadlines.

I really earned my editing chops from my stint at The Taunton Press, publisher of great how-to magazines and books for hardcore do-it-yourselfers. Book proposals hit my desk, and I helped take them from concept to hardcover, working with authors, photographers, editors and our publishers. I’ve pored over many manuscripts in all stages of development.

I also know how hard it is to be a writer. Since I took my unpaid position as Family CEO when my oldest was born, I’ve written for magazines and the local newspaper, plus I’ve been writing regularly on my own blog, Bike Bliss.

Now I’m here, ready to help you bring your important work to the people who need it. Let’s talk soon.


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